Old Dogs and New Tricks

Over a week ago, the state of Connecticut, including my parents, were hit with a substantial snow storm resulting in widespread power loss. In light of my immersion in basketball and this blog, and despite seeing countless facebook status updates relating to the storm and it’s consequences, I didn’t bother to call my parents until the middle of last week.

I tried to the house phone to no avail. I tried my dad’s cell. Nada. I tried my mom’s cell…….”So you finally called to check on us!” For the next 20 minutes, I was updated on the hardships of the storm….three days without power and counting, freezing nights with long johns and multiple blankets, improvised bathing procedures and unflushed toilets. A true life of Job in every respect, and my reputation as a self-absorbed jackass maintained, even enhanced.

I resolved that I would purchase a birthday card and call before my mother’s actual birthday, and I did. We had a pleasant conversation. Power was restored on the fourth day. Birthday celebrations conducted a day in advance. Enter my father. He rehashed exactly what my mom just told me, and offered the passive aggressive gem of the year with “I don’t think I have talked to you since I went four days without power.” I laughed. I laughed hard and uncontrollably for ten minutes and couldn’t stop. Writing this now, I am still laughing. I might not stop.

Tonight on her actual birthday, I made the official birthday call. I mentioned this blog and tried to direct my mom to it. It took 15 minutes of confusion and anquish interspersed with mild to fair profanity, but now she is a subscriber.

Welcome aboard.

2 thoughts on “Old Dogs and New Tricks

  1. Momma Pink… first off I’d like to apologize that you have such an arrogant ass as a son. Second of all, glad to hear you guys are alright through the storm up there. Third and finally, welcome to the blog. You need for Brian to teach how to comment on these posts!

    I love the fact that you tagged ‘profanity’ lmao

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