The Hay is in the Barn

I haven’t fully comprehended the meaning of this quote uttered by Donald Sutherland in one of the two terrific movies on distance runner Steve Prefontaine made during the tumultuous nineties, but it sounded awfully cool and in context seemed to indicate that the training phase was done and it was time to perform.

With the close of Saturday morning’s practice at Rollins, our hay is in the barn. The season starts at Lyman on Monday night, and Tuesday at home against Lake Brantley. As such, we are committed to what we have put in to this point. Without a practice between the two games little more than minor adjustments to what we are doing will be possible.

I am excited and reasonably optimistic about our group. We have a combination of size, speed and depth that should make us competitive in each game. We have spent the past week honing our tactics and planting the seeds of espirit de corps.

Our defensive package is more expansive than our offensive package because I believe games are dictated by defense. I can chose a defense to run and that will dictate what the offense does to attack not vice versa.

The offensive package is limited and relatively simple. I plan to expand it as we go ahead in our season, mindful that we play all county opponents twice and to the extent any of these clowns bother to scout, I want some wrinkles.

I note that we planted seeds of espirit de corps, because they will not grow until they are in combat. Every team has a sense of what i wants to be, but the measure of each game is how you adhere to what you want to be in specific situations…up, down, end of quarter, 4th quarter. etc.

Monday night win or lose will mark growth for our group, but i would much rather a win!

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