We Win!

I have developed the habit of uttering this phrase at the final horn of every game I win. The intensity of the phrase varies almost at random from sarcastic to cathartic, but it’s meaning remains eternal. We win! We are better than you tonight, and perhaps every night, and we are gonna savor it.

We win last night was right down the middle. I was unusually tense all day given this was my first win for Winter Springs and thus the catharsis, but we won 67-34 so an ample measure of sarcasm was evident as well.

I was very pleased with the squad. We lead throughout, and won every quarter. Stylistically we pushed the ball, created easy baskets, and defended like we gave a crap. Two different coaches approached me after the game and expressed how much they enjoyed watching us play. Despite being arrogant, I am always grateful for this compliment because it means that what I am striving for is plainly evident.

The downside of our performance was 28 turnovers. A number fit for a girls game. We were sloppy with the ball, and if we are so tonight, we will not win. Many turnovers were unforced, and can be corrected.

We play tonight with no practice in between. I challenged our players to give their own feedback on individual performance and text me 3 things they can do better. The feedback has been in line with my thoughts which is always encouraging. Without practice, we cannot change anything physically, but we can change and improve mentally.

Final note. We were up 20 at half, and had seen our freshman team go up 20 and then win by 11. I challenged our kids to grow the lead, and told them about the Mel Gibson movie “The Patriot”. Of course no one saw the movie and I had to use the bulk of halftime to give background. Point is I got to the scene where Mel’s son was murdered and he uses two of his younger boys to set up an ambush. The scene culminates with Mel swing his axe on the head of the final Brit as his boys look on in a mix of horror and admiration. In the second half we would “swing the axe”.

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