Crossing East River

Last night we won our third game against East River 52-31. Both teams played zone, and our energy level was not what it was against Brantley so the first half moved along quite slowly. I believe pace infected our commitment to running and we did not score enough in transition. Against the their zone we were passive and settled for 3’s.

As the half progressed we became increasingly sloppy with the ball, and must have had six turnovers where the ball was ripped from our hands like the purse of a geriatric women in Central Park. I am not a fan of old people.

So despite a 20-13 lead at the half, and in conjuction with a quick finger on the home clock from Logan Malmberg, I mean “the little wolverine,” I was pissed. We were playing down to an inferior opponent and not playing physical or mental toughness.

We were probably good enough to win playing as we were, but an opportunity would be lost. The opportunity to challenge the team while facing self-imposed adversity, and measure the response. It is the special teams that can dig from within and produce a response when needed that accomplish great things. The ability to respond on command distinguishes victory from the comprehensive analysis of a loss the next day.

Respond we did. We won the third quarter 15-4 and took the last remnants of any will to fight East River had left. Bear in mind this in and of itself was not a great accomplishment. We were better. We deserved to win. The value of the experience to the group was that as coach I went to the whip and we got better. It’s now a collective experience that we can draw from as we go forward into no doubt more perilous situations.

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6 thoughts on “Crossing East River

  1. First off, the quick triggered clock man is NOT Logan Malmberg…its “Little Wolverine.”

    And you ‘went to the whip’???? Let’s hope your not a Penn St. or Syracuse assistant someday.

    1. I think mrfncharm is saving those whips for a certain player’s mom. And in response to my itchy trigger finger, I have no excuse. A smart coach might actually have intended to mess up on a non-influential play to have himself removed from further service. Not that that was my agenda, for no one has mistaken me for a genious. I think overall it was a night of premature endings . My halftime error, mister 2 minute wonder, and Varsity’s 4th quarter play.

  2. Lmfao just clearing that up! Let me add that the best part of your halftime rant was how you would just stare down individual guys. And give them credit they would stare right back! That is called RESPECT.

  3. That’s actually a good point. I think it means that the guys are not afraid to be criticized, or ripped. The did not offer excuses, but literally faced the mistakes and improved.

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