The L Word


I don't know what pisses the Arrogant One off more....losing, or that many white chicks.

If only I were writing about the intricacies of lesbian love, but sadly I am not. My team lost tonight. First time in four games. I am not happy because it was avoidable. We fell on our own sword.

The game started brightly as we scored out of our sets as efficiently as we have all year. Then one of our best players Devon Ortiz hurt his back as he was fouled going to the basket. The game was even at that point, but we responded poorly. We looked lost on offense and were weak with the ball. We finished the first half down 7, but with 14 turnovers.

To start the third quarter, we had some vital breakdowns and went down by as many as 16 points. If I am proud of anything, it is what transpired from that point forward. The kids stayed together and fought. We got as close as 5, but lost by 9.

The cause of our loss lay in our failure to win The Six Battles That Win the War. We we outrebounded conceding 21 offensive rebounds. We shot 9/19 at the foul line. We turned the ball over 18 times, including several travels around the basket where we were soft and tentative (missed lay ups). Our turnovers led to easy baskets for Freedom in the transition game.

After the game, I congratulated the team on their effort, but highlighted the cause of the loss. I told them to let the loss sting (until tomorrow morning when we practice.). From that moment the loss is history. It’s lessons a part of who we are. Who we become will be determined by how well we learn and grow from these lessons.

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