Tim Tebow Hero and Leader

The Broncos resurrection is fascinating in two respects. Coach John Fox vision and belief, and Tim Tebow himself. They absolutely feed off of each other.

Fox has been courageous in not only entrusting his season to Tebow, but shaping his tactics around Tebow’s limited, but significant strengths, and selling this vision to his team. His Broncos have accepted an unconventional offense and global game philosophy that slows the game down, limits possessions and creates a one score game in the fourth quarter. The players have not only accepted, but embraced this vision, and have gained great advantage. As a Broncos game enters the final minutes with the teams within a touchdown of each other, the Bronocs utterly and to a man believe the game is theirs, and the other team starts to accept the game has gone against them.

Tebow makes this work. He is a unique football player, but it is who he is as a person that wins games. He is human. He is flawed as a player. He has been simultaneously vilified and praised. He does not seem to let any of this effect him. This is his central strength. Whether he is enduring ridicule for his faith, he quarterbacking mechanics, or simply for being Tebow, he remains a genuinely likeable and respected figure. His struggles are obvious, but so is his resolve. To play along side him and watch his effort never waver no matter how badly he is playing literally shames you into playing harder and pushing ahead. To shrink in his enduring display of will becomes impossible.

I thought this post was done last night, but when I awoke this morning I realized it was not.  I can write about Tebow, but it is better for him to speak.  After a loss to Ole Miss, Tebow addressed the Gator Nation and revealed himself:

“I’m sorry.  Extremely sorry.  We were looking for an undefeated season.  That was my goal, something Florida never done here.  But I promise you one thing:  A lot of good will come out of this.  You have never seen any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of the season, and you will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of the season.  You will never see a team play as hard as we will the rest of the season.  God Bless.”

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4 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Hero and Leader

  1. As an FSU grad, I wanted to hate ths guy, but I have been a Tebow fan since UF, cannot help it. God, Country and the Denver Tebows!

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