The Glossary of Nicknames – Part II

Shortly after part I of nicknames went up on the blog, I realized, as I knew I would, that there were several glaring omissions. This should, at least temporarily, get us back up to speed.

Supaflyc– My oldest son Camden. File this under the category of what you learn about your kids when you follow or friend them on the internet. With little to no fanfare, Supaflyc opened a twitter account under this moniker. It’s origins remain as mysterious today as they were when I first followed him, but perhaps there is just a little bit of 70’s, George Clinton about to come out of the new Xmas bass.

Little Wolverine – This belongs to Logan Malmberg, who has yet to post anything more than a comment on the blog. I truly don’t get the “little” part of the nickname as unless Logan is sitting in on a meeting of offensive linemen, or at the Goldan Corral after church gets out on Sunday, he is not little. This initially led me to believe it was a quasi-intimate nickname bestowed upon him by his girlfriend, who in a vaguely related note was recently confused with his mother and/or fathers girlfriend at the Lyman game. Apparently, however the name was given by a friend as a tribute to some facial hair.

Bill Simmons – a mediocre referee that bears a mild resemblence to the Sport’s Guy of the same name.

The Three Old Lions – the varsity coaching staff at Oviedo. They will soon be celebrating 200 years of combined life and 2000 victories in all competitions…..summer camps not excluded.

(This used to be a funny and entirely truthful paragraph).  -“But instead of scaring readers away Mr.Charm thought it would be a good thing to remove it. Sorry you Arrogant Ass!” —Mr. Charm

Shooter – the voice of Rollins basketball, noted for random in broadcast shout outs, copious amounts of enthusiasm and a joy of online gambling rivaled only by Tim Tebow’s love of Christianity.

Young I E – former starting center at Winter Park, played college at Santa Fe CC and Auburn before focusing on rap career. Follow him on twitter @therealaihe or check out his hit song “orange navy” on youtube. A tribute to Auburn’s championship season.

Red – Jim Ross, a high school classmate, who drove me to school every day. Highlight of life occured on train ride to NYC with a bunch of the guys. As a group, we got loud and somewhat obnoxious causing some old guy to fire back “Hey Red, keep it down. There are women and children on the train.”

Rook – Current player on the varsity team. I don’t know the origins of the name, but after watching him play it’s possibly related to limited movement in only two directions.

The Cardboard Cut Out – A few years back we played The Memphis University School in at Christmas tournament at Southern Illinois University. The coach was an ancient white haired guy that had apparently tallied a signifcant number of wins over his lengthy career, and was believed to do all of his “coaching” during practice thus enabling him to sit passively on bench and enjoy the game. We played triangle and two and box and one on his team and the guy sat and watched his adjustment-free team get throttled by 38. Merry Christmas!

7 thoughts on “The Glossary of Nicknames – Part II

  1. I realize its been 16 years, but how could you forget Popular Willy and English Bob (God rest his soul)? Perhaps no two nicknames stick in my head more than these. The image of their threesome with the oriental girl still immediately springs to mind.

  2. Is oriental stil acceptable in modern society? I stand correct and shamed for such a glaring omission. I will be preaparing a post in the newly founded “parental advisory general nonsense category” as early as later tonight. History should not forget their glorious run in Tallahassee.

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