Who is LittleWolverine?


As this is my first official post on FBGM Coaches I feel it’s only appropriate to explain who I am and where my views come from. As I’m sure you’ve already read the arrogantone has taken issue with my username/nickname and frankly I kind of enjoy seeing him confused and agitated. That means this post is for everyone else.

Let me start by clarifying that as much as the arrogantone would contest I stand 6’1 and 225 pounds. I will admit that I would prefer to be down to around 200 pounds but my current figure hardly resembles that of a Golden Corral regular.

In college I had the bright idea to go to school for digital media (think film but with digital cameras and more computers) as I had already been working in television for several years and felt this was the direction I wanted my life to go. One of my class projects required us to write, shoot, and edit a short film in one long weekend. During the course of this project I was more focused on the task at hand than my personal hygiene, and as a result my facial hair and the hair on my head became unwieldy. One of my good friends who was working on the project with me made the statement that I resembled the comic book character Wolverine. Seeing how I couldn’t fill the shoes of a classic character nor those of actor Hugh Jackman who plays the iconic Wolverine on the big screen, my friend crowned me LittleWolverine. It also doesn’t hurt that my real name is Logan, the same as Wolverine’s.

I’ve joined the other FBGM Coaches to blog about our musings on and off the court in the world of basketball. I am very thankful for my position alongside mrfncharm as his assistant. This is my first year as a coach in a public school system. My previous coaching experience was at a youth level where I mentored several middle schoolers who are now contributing players in our basketball program at Winter Springs High School. After playing alongside mrfncharm in high school and graduating in 2007 my life has taken several unexpected turns over the years. Many of those stories could be saved for future posts. But the end result was that I found myself away from basketball for a long time and I missed it dearly. There is a rare brotherhood and camaraderie that is found in basketball, and after many of life’s curve balls had passed I found myself looking for a basketball family again. That’s why when the opportunity came this season to reunite with the arrogantone and mrfncharm I had to take it.

I know this has been a long introduction and I promise my future posts wont be as long. But I felt the need to explain who and why I am here. A lot of my posts will feature my perspective as a new coach and my personal growth. It also will contain views related to sports media, as I am currently a volunteer coach and my day job is at Bright House Sports Network. I look forward to my future posts and to the rest of the season. LittleWolverine damnit.

12 thoughts on “Who is LittleWolverine?

  1. Ingrid, your headline says your name so it is superfluous to sign off with it as well. Thanks for commenting.

    Littlewolverine the corral comment was to mean that you are not a corral regular, but that may be one of the few environments in which you might be regarded as “little”

  2. Don’t let my big brother’s “road less traveled” train of thoughts get to you. I like to think of it as part of his “charm”.

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