Another Uneventful Night at Seminole

Three times I have entered the Seminole gym as JV coach, and three times, I have walked out a winner. The only thing notable is that all three games have been completely bereft of drama, or even humor. I would describe our performance tonight as business like. We pulled in front, grew the lead, never looked in any serious trouble and for the first time in four games, I was able to play all eleven players in a 64-45 win. I didn’t even throw, hit or kick anything.

The first half represented our best 16 minutes of defense. Seminole was kept off balance and struggled to get anything going. Our effort level was high throughout which was excellent as our defense has been a recent cause for concern. Offensively, we got whatever we wanted when we invested the time to take it.

Being our third game in four days, there were a number of positives. We played with good energy. We shot the ball well. Both accomplishments with fatigue a potential factor. We seem to have acquired a bit of genuine swagger. Since day one, I have tried to treat the players as though they were expected to win, and after the last two close games we played as though we genuinely believed we are good.

Beyond all of this, I am reminded of a story from Jose Mourinho’s Porto team coming out of the preseason when the entire team decided to go out to eat on an off night. Mourinho immediately grasped the significance of the bond. Tonight, I will soon hit the sack knowing my team is having a sleepover at Casa Ortiz, and will be playing pick up tomorrow the day before our fourth game in six days.


4 thoughts on “Another Uneventful Night at Seminole

  1. I just thought of this….why don’t you print and blow that picture up and have it hanging at the top of the lockeroom as you guys sprint out for warmups. It’d be a nice touch to go with the strobe lights haha.

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