0-3 Without Little Wolverine

Took a tough loss tonight at Hagerty 63-67. This is the third game we have played without Little Wolverine and it’s the third game we have lost. One thing is clear, that son of a bitch needs to quit his real job, and attend every JV game the rest of the way.

The game was very competitive. Hagerty entered the game 9-1 and we of course were 8-2. Hagerty had a big physically mature team, that could shoot the ball well and played with a fair amount of poise. Early in the game, that was true to form. They blocked several of our shots, controlled the glass and hit five of their first nine 3 point attempts. They shot out 11-3, and we pulled even at 11. They responded to lead after one 22-13, and eventually built a 33-19 lead. We stayed aggressive, didnt’ buckle and closed the have on a 10-0 run to trail 33-29 at the half.

We had a strong third quarter, with Devon Ortiz scoring 11 of our 17 points and took a 46-43 lead into the fourth quarter. Losing a lead in the fourth quarter might be the most galling thing to do in sports, especially when it is a two possession lead which we had at 48-43.

Up two possessions, it is my belief that the game should be sealed. You have a buffer of one possession, and the ability to apply pressure, not full court pressure, but psychological pressure to the opponent. Unfortunately, tonight we lost the two possession lead too quick to dictate this segment of the game.

The game drew even quickly, then we traded baskets before falling behind and scrambling. We lost Anthony Valdes for a few critical possessions when he hurt his ankle hit the scorer’s table. Fortunately he returned to the game and played bravely.

Personally, I have a few regrets. In the fourth, we were hurt by a bad charge call that would have been an and one. The team was rattled after the call, and I should have called a time-out if for no other reason to let us catch our breath and move forward. Secondly on four occaisions, I tried to get a time-out from the bench. On three occaisions, I did not get a time out at all, and on the fourth I got one two full seconds after I called for it. This was unacceptably bad officiating.

Team-wise we can complain about the officiating, but more importantly we lost the rebounding and free throw shooting battles that if won, could have won the war.

I was able to stop, drop and run.

We play Lake Highland on Wednesday and need to rebound and hit free throws literally.

5 thoughts on “0-3 Without Little Wolverine

  1. Wish those two idiots in the stripes read this damn blog. Late in a game, team trailing, they score a critical basket…you have to be listening and assuming a TO is coming from the bench. The dumb white dude didn’t even look over as the both of us screamed and were literally on the floor asking for the timeout.

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