A Comment on Good Officiating

After our recent game with Evans, both officials approached me seperately to explain their handling of the final seconds of the game, and I found in the discussions the core values of good officiating.

The game was fast-paced throughout and came down to Evan’s ball down 2 with 12.5 seconds to play.  Evans hit a three to go up 1 with about 5 seconds on the clock.  I discussed calling a time-out with my assistant, but declined as we got the ball in and Evans was disorganized.  The official in front of our bench, aware that we might want a time-out in this situation, heard our players call one and blew his whistle.  Simultaneously on the other end of the floor, the trail official saw Evans clearly foul our player 60feet from the basket, and blew his whistle.  Matters were complicated by the fact our player shot the ball after the foul and made it from 60 feet.

Wisely, the officials conferred and determines the time-out preceded the foul, and the shot was after the foul so no basket.  the clock was reset to 5 seconds and we hit a shot to win at the buzzer.

Both officials accounts of the endgame, given seperately, were identical.  Both officials willingly discussed their decision-making process.

Officials like this approach the game with the same level of awareness and anticipation of a player.  Their positioning and awareness put them in position to.make the calls they did.  Their lack of ego allowed them to come together to make the proper call.  Their confidence in having done everything they could to make the right decision enabled them to openly discuss the situation.  This is good officiating.

2 thoughts on “A Comment on Good Officiating

  1. Many times people have complete recall and are quite vocal in tearing down those involved in a poor call or execution of play. It is inspiring to read such clear and respctfull comentery on a job well done by those who most regularly draw the wrath of people that they are there to help. Today I smile.

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