What can Magoo’s do for you?


Most of you know that us coaches use the blog as a way to discuss the game of basketball as well as other sports. We do this in a charitable capacity, we aren’t paid to blog and sometimes nobody reads it haha. But I think it’s time that we got sponsors. And I’d like to start with Huey Magoo’s.

Hear me out.

This season has been full of its ups and downs but one player for us has consistently scored the basketball, Elijah Grooms. He is averaging nearly 20 points a game and is by far our quickest player and best on ball defender. But his points on the court are a result of the high volume of shots he takes. Sometimes it’s a good shot, most times they’re not. Throughout the season he would default, when accepting the ball in transition, to just jacking up a shot wherever he caught it. But he has made some unbelievable shots and is sneaky good at following his misses for a rebound and lay up.

But what makes him so productive?

Some would say practice. Others would say natural ability. It’s almost always a helping dose of both. But I would now like to suggest that it’s a players routine.

Several times this season Elijah has been spotted at McDonalds before a game. One time my Father even called me to tell me that he was seen eating 30 minutes before tip off! This has now become a running joke within the team.

I now would like to submit to the court evidence from last Sunday at 11:30pm.


But tonight that routine changed. Elijah admitted to me that he went to Huey Magoo’s before the game! Uh oh…

How did he play?

How about 29 points, 9 offensive rebounds, 5 steals! But most of all he went 4/4 from three point land. With three straight 3’s to start the second half!

Great efficient production leading us to a 59-52 win! Making it now four straight wins.

I think we’ve found a new routine. Let’s eat at Huey Magoo’s!!!!

4 thoughts on “What can Magoo’s do for you?

  1. Supafly…next time you comment bring some intelligence and some actual substance to what you have to say. If you don’t I will back out on my committment as lead vocalist for the Kid Rock show.

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