That was our record this season. We lost our last seven games including last Friday night 62-55 at Lake Brantley, and ten of our last thirteen in total. I have posted within 24 hours of every game, win or lose all season long, but I just couldn’t do it this time. It hurts too bad. Even now as I write this post, I can’t keep a line of thought.

When I coach, I believe in myself. I believe that I make a difference. My words, my presence, my tactics…..they are of value. For seven straight games, I didn’t make a difference. I couldn’t put the remaining pieces of my team together, fill them with enough motivation, steel them through adversity or get them a possession that would get us a win. The seven game run was torturous in that it started with us throwing away the easiest game to win, leaving us to labor ahead with the knowledge that one win…..just one would push us above .500 and make us forever winners. It didn’t happen.

As Friday’s game unfolded in a pattern similar to so many of the seven, us chasing an opponent with a lead, I found myself turning to MrCharm over and over……”Anyone else, any change”, in the hope that he could see something I wasn’t. After the game, as we mournfully ate some Outback wings, he admitted he had no more answers than me. Still I am haunted by leads lost, changes made, and not made.

I feel responsible for the collapse, or at least for not stopping it in some way. I won’t forget this.

There are many other things I won’t forget from this season. I won’t forget the nerves I felt before our first game, and the relief when we won it. I won’t forget when we swung the ax. I won’t forget winning three one point games. I won’t forget the comments people make about our team when we were at our best. I won’t forget about the day after we got to 8-2 and spent the day together eating food and playing pick up in the street.

I won’t forget my guys.

Dom Lebrutto all energy and effort, to you my man I toast a glass of chocolate milk.

Barry Beasley we saw you smile and laugh.

Collin Creedon seldom used, but always ready without complaint.

Ray Shaw, our garbage time Pistol, incomprehensibly cocky. Best of luck at your new school.

Ty Hamilton, our manager and conscience.

Trevor Tinder, Mr. McFlurry, strobe lights and the Lord.

Mason San Souci our only junior and the butt of many jokes, but willing to grow as a player.

Joel Wong a last minute edition to our team and thankful you came to us….”Ight Team”

Jalen Ortiz our glue guy and spiritual core.

Anthony Valdes the guy I needed to find the minute I took this job.

Aaron Penn Jr. the quiet warrior.

Devon Ortiz the straw that stirred our drink.

Thank each of you for being a part of this journey. I am your coach and your friend.

Swing the Ax!


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