Living in the Moment

In the strange delirium that envloped the losing locker room last Friday night, we openly talked of a fourth shot at Oviedo in two weeks time. Having lost, by 30, then 15 and just by 5, gravity would have us winning a regional semi against the Lions. As sobering as it would be to remind us of our 6-21 record, neither have any relavence to the moment before us. In a single elimination play-off, the moment is all that matters.

Our opponent next Thursday is Viera. Mr. Charm traveled to Viera Saturday night and watched them win a district title. He generated a scouting report, and today we had our first practice in preparation of the game.

Our mood is upbeat, confident and fun. The practice was decent, but far from exceptional. We will have two more before we board the cheese wagon and set off Viera Thursday night. It is in our best interest to focus on each day of practice and savor it. To go to Viera mindful that it is the only game that exists. If we win, we live as a team to play again. If we lose, we as a team die. To think beyond the task immediately in front of us, is to misuse our capacity to focus.

This is a wonderful time of the season. On the razor’s edge, completely immersed in a life one game at a time. I find comfort and renewed energy in this moment, and I sense our team feels similarly.

Go Bears!

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