John Boston

Here is a highlight clip from one of my favorite players during my coaching career. John Boston played JV basketball for me at Oviedo. I met him just after getting the JV job during open gym. He was athletic, but didn’t really move or act like a basketball player. During the open gym season, I went back and forth about whether he would be worth keeping, but one thing was consistent: his team won.

JB is my type of player. He does not have any defining technical attribute, but can do so many things on the basketball court. As we finished the JV season, I told Mr. Charm that if we had a highlight tape of our ten best basketball plays during the season JB would be in eight of them, and would be doing something different in each one. Finishing a play with a score, pulling down a rebound, grabbing a loose ball, making a baseball pass, penetrating and kicking, getting a steal or setting a screen. A joy to watch.

At the root of his success, is a intelligence, competitive toughness and sense of leadership. JB is coachable, a winner, and never afraid to call out his peers for poor performance.

The highlights above are from his freshman season at Malone, a division two football program out of Ohio. JB is looking to transfer this year.

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