State Cup Day 1: Middle Finger to the Scheduling Gods

This weekend Orlando Futsal competed in the State Cup in Bradenton, a 2 and half hour drive from home. The scheduling Gods somehow saw fit to schedule our two games at 8:30 am Saturday and 8:00am on Sunday. This meant that I had the options, as they were, of driving from home at 5am both days, or getting on overpriced hotel for one or both nights. For Friday night, I got a hotel in Tampa.

On arrival it was evident that our hotel was not in the best part of town, and somewhat run down. The lobby featured an animated discussion over directions for leaving a nearby prison between the overweight desk clerk, and a skinny guy that alternately identified himself as a former inmate and a “casino-holic”. The decisive blow in the argument came from the skinny guy when he flung his arms wide, and yelled, “as many times as I have been to prison I know”. With that I was able to conclude the check in process while the obese desk clerk blatantly hit on two middle aged obese casino-bound women. Getting from the car to the room was complicated by the appearance of an unleashed dog. I didn’t bother to ask about wifi and passed out for the night watching Kentucky beat Indiana.

The alarm sounded at 6:15 and we made it to the vast Lakewood Ranch soccer complex at 7:30. The game kicked off at 8:30. We started well passing smoothly on the dew covered grass, and went up a goal in the first 15 minutes. The game meandered along as we squandered chances until the final 15 minutes when we took advantage of a dubious penalty to win 2-0. The game was notable mostly for the performance of the linesman, who had to have been either blind, retarded or a combination of thereof, and missed an extraordinary amount of calls, but mercifully had no role in the outcome of the game.

As is Bryson’s way I was forced to sit in the hot sun watching two other games that had nothing to do with our bracket. We did stay for the first half of a third game that pitted our freshly beaten opponent against our opponent of tomorrow. The new opponent wore AC Milan uniforms, and while not playing like the Italians pushed four goals over the line before halftime, which all, but qualifies us for the next round and pushed me to Chic-fil-a for lunch. I despise the waffle fry particularly whenit has potato skin on it. Sloppy work in the back room.

Finished the day by booking a room in Bradenton at the Motel 6. This was an upgrade for no other reason than the dog in the lobby was leashed.

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