Carnelius Whip Green

Here’s a clip of our former player Whip Green at Green Mountain College.

Whip played at oviedo for four years.  His freshman year he might have had the worst jump shot ever.  He routinely threw up air balls from fifteen feet on the baseline.  Thanks to hard work, he made great strides as shooter, player and person.  A few quick stories.  My first year on JV Whip was ready to be my top player.  After practice the night before our first game, he takes his shoes off walks to the parking lot and breaks his toe on the curb.  Out for six weeks.  He returned after Christmas and played great for us.

In a game against Lake Brantley, we were up 38-30 in the fourth quarter.  Whip was on the bench having gone about 2/9 on the night.  Brantley started pressing and we got shaky.  I refused to call a time-out.  Even when they tied the game we quickly inbounded to midcourt to John Boston and I thought we were fine.  Unfortunately, we missed a lay up and Brantley had the ball with a chance to take the lead.  We forced a jump ball on the other end and got possession.  I put Whip back in, he jogs down the left side of the floor catches it in the deep corner and casts up a three….WET!  We got the lead, and never looked back.

Who needs a time-out when a timely subsitution will carry the day?

3 thoughts on “Carnelius Whip Green

  1. You guys did a great job with him, he is an excellent young man. As one of his coaches at GMC, I can attest to the fact he is a coach’s dream. He’s talented, tough, confident but not cocky, and willing to listen and improve.

    Not sure how much you know about his stat line this past season but he led the conference in scoring and minutes played and was in the top ten in the following categories: assists, rebounds, blocks, and steals. We are lucky to have him, his shot still needs improvement so when he comes home this summer stay on top of him.

    1. Thanks coach. I knew he did well, but that stat line is great. I love players that fill up the categories and Whip is one of them. We will stay on him over the summer. Thanks again for the view.

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