Words From Juan

I have written about Juan Bernal 407 Hood Legend, I have ghost written for him, and now I simply pass on his words unedited on the recent developments at One Magic Place. (Unless I find something so worthy of comment I can’t resist.)

We’ve all had jobs in which we’re very unhappy with our bosses for a certain period of time. Part of being a professional is working through those tense times. You may or may not have heard about the latest coach-player controversy involving Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy.

The NBA is a player’s league that recycles coaches like Diet Pepsi cans. It also has a TMZ element to it with all the beats that go on daily and more so theoretically. If you don’t know or don’t find some level of entertainment/enjoyment in it, find something else to do, or wait till November when Mr. Charm’s Wildcats reap again the rewards of their cheating (um I mean defend their title with an entire new cast of players), or the Arrogantone expresses his displeasure with officiating and life itself under his breath during the high school season.

What I have a problem with is the instability that this has caused with a franchise that has always maintained a measure of organizational stability. The Orlando Magic have been a staple in the community and many natives of the City Beautiful have found a way to support the team, especially during the Dwight Howard era. The Magic, however, have struggled since the passing of the trade deadline, and a strange, controversy-filled campaign that would make Kim Kardashian jealous, took a dramatic turn for the worse yesterday.

The whole situation has turned into a circus in all three-ringed senses of the word. Whether or not, Dwight Howard made the comments to management that he “wanted Stan fired,” which appears evident at this point, why would that person tell Stan what was said in a presumably private conversation? As a former manager, who served as a buffer between players and coaches: there were confidential things that each party said that shouldn’t be revealed or repeated to the other party. In this case, it’s the same thing. If Stan hears from management that Dwight wants him fired, keep it confidential, and handle internally when the time is right. Or do you not care about your job?

I am a big fan of Stan’s honesty and always have been, but the timing here is as good as getting rear-ended while getting a blow job on prom night. If this had been going on the entire season, what is another month of just showing up to work, being professional and doing your job gonna cost? Why lower yourself to the standards of a 26 year old who knows what he wants as much as a 26 month old? If Stan wanted to be so blunt with David Aldridge, why not go into the nitty gritty about his departure from Miami?

This is as much Dwight’s fault as it is Stan’s if not more. He can’t make up his mind. Confirms. Denies. Confirms that he denies. Denies that he confirms. And now this. Like Van Gundy’s Fruedian slip, it could have all been avoided if he would have just done what he is being paid to do. Show up, play hard and put up numbers.

I believe Dwight’s ideal intentions are to stay in Orlando long-term. It’s not a good look when players try to GM and get coaches fired (see Kobe Bryant 2004-2008) to appease themselves.

This controversy does more than just get Stan fired in a few days (if not sooner). What does it say about Dwight? Do the Magic really want to invest their future in a guy like that? What about ticket sales? Ownership? Rich Devos has said all the right things publicly, he can put a stop to this once and for all. The longer the Stan/Dwight circus occupies Amway Arena, not to mention local/national media and twitter, it will say more about Magic management than anything else. A move, ANY MOVE has to be made before this spirals out of control.

You know what they say everything starts at the top right?

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