RIP Xiomara and Kyra

In the last week, our community has lost two high school girls to fatal motor vehicle accidents. I did not know either of these girls, but my players, people I care about did, and that is why I am moved to write this morning. It is my nature to want to learn the details of these tragedies so that I might extract something, a lesson, a thought that could be imparted to my own kids that could save them the same fate. It is, however, a truth that everyday good people, people doing things the right way fall deathly ill or are tragically taken. Tragic things, and great things happen for a reason, some times in our control, but often not.

In the aftermath of these tragedies there is a struggle to comprehend them. In religious terms, comfort is found in God’s greater plan. He will not put upon anyone more than they can bear, and retains full authority to call anyone home to heaven at his whim. This escapes human understanding and is left to human acceptance.

My basic understanding of the facts, and if anyone knows please correct me, is that neither of these accidents fits into the neat and tidy box of drunk driving, that can easily be railed upon. They were rather human error and unfortunate circumstance. In deconstructing human error, it is seldom a single error that defines the outcome, but rather a series of otherwise minor errors that in accumulation bring about the outcome. Perhaps that is the great lesson to be taken. Little things, details, things that are easy to overlook or frustrating or tedious to do all the time make a huge difference, and ultimately we as individuals control these details.

I offer condolences and prayers to the family and friends of the departed, and this quote to everyone.

“Pray as though everything depends on God. Work as though everything depends on man.”

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