I should be in bed right now. I am tired, but I just watched a Moto GP clip of a three lap duel between Valentino Rossi (46) and Jorge Lorenzo (99). During the duel, both riders displayed incredible skill and concentration. Lorenzo was brilliant in a conventional sense. He rode excellent lines, passed twice when opportunity presented itself, and defended his position in the last “passing” turn.

Rossi won because his greatness was unconventional. After losing the lead three laps from the finish on a long straight away, conventional thinking would have had Rossi settle in behind Lorenzo stalk his line and pick his opportunity to pass. Rossi responded immediately by getting off the brakes and moving outside of Lorenzo entering a turn. His pass so close he had to tuck his leg against his bike to clear Lorenzo without contact, then had to stick his bike in the turn so Lorenzo couldn’t simply cut under him.

Lorenzo reclaimed the lead. Rossi stalked. Conventional tactics would have Rossi make his move in the third turn from the finish, a well-known passing turn. Lorenzo knew this and made an excellent block. Rossi would not give up and made the decisive pass in a fast right hand turn that was not in a passing area.

Being pushed to the precipice of his technical skill, Rossi’s competitive instincts to win did not fail him, but more importantly his vision and mind conjured the creativity for the decisive pass. This is Greatness.

4 thoughts on “Greatness

  1. This has happened again, at an even more insane level in Atlanta at round two of the AMA super bike race this saturday.. Ameriacans Josh Hayes and BLake Young with the help of an inspired media have embraced an Epic on track rivalry in this country. this race was ridden at a level of determination and risk that only a very few will ever commit to. Hayes should have won the race, but a mid race collision with young sent young to the ground at 100 mph. This set up a restart with a battered , but MAN ON FIRE, Young sitting at the back of the grid. The sight of his tormentor Hayes restarting on the pole ignited a frighteningly inspired tear through the entire field to the ultimate victory that could not be denied.

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