Mother’s Day: A Day of Generic Appreciation Sponsored By Hallmark

My mother is Carol Ann Robinson Pink. She is a baby boomer which means she was conceived in the euphoric afterglow of World War 2, and grew up during the Eisenhower administration, a glorious period of productivity and high National optimism.

My mother is nothing if not productive. For most of my childhood, she was a stay at home mom, cleaning house, preparing three meals, two desserts and a snack per day. For years, she followed my father to the race track, and cared for him when he was injured and later sick. When he stopped racing, she took me to football and baseball, and my sisters to cheerleading. She volunteered at the concession stand and bingo. She took a job at Sears to pay for us to go to college, and stayed there over 20 years, a rock of stability in a transient sea of incompetence.

She managed our lower, middle-class budget paying off a house, sending three kids through college without debt, taking regular vacations and never missing a birthday or holiday. She ushered us through the rituals of Catholicism.

When she visits, she brings homemade chocolate chip cookies and cooks all my favorite meals. She plans activities, cleans my house and is up for anything… practice, guitar lesson, cheer competition, even painting a room at midnight.

She talks a lot, but is not introspective. She is defined by her service to others, her productivity and her sense of right and wrong. These qualities have raised three productive, felony-free members of society and earned our eternal gratitude.

Happy Mother’s Day

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