We Interrupt this Olympic Coverage to Post on 3 v. 3 Nationals at Disney

I scrambled from the bedroom this morning at 6:20 am, about 10 minutes after I was supposed to back out of the driveway. I ran upstairs and woke Bryson, who predictably had failed to locate his shirt and boots. At some point in life, everything I have told him will replay in the recesses of his mind, but most certainly after he is a soccer dad, but I promise you I will be vindicated. By 6:34 we were off sans shower or shave and with back up retro boots in tow. I produced a run down westbound I-4 that turned my Hyundai black and put a 3 on the door, and we made it to Disney by 7:18.

I dropped Bryson, and parked the car making a half-hearted jog to the gate whilst weighing whether this would constitute a work-out. After careful consideration of my recent eating habits, the jury of one returned a “no”. Our fields were on the back side of the stadium field, and the early am kick-off allowed for some shade from the bleachers. As usual our FC America team was spread over three 3 v. 3 teams. Bryson played with Eric Brody, Mikey Lynch and Braden Kemp. Rodney Congreaves coached the defending champion Osceola Lions with Randall Congreaves, Ryan Drohan, Austin D’anna, Assyed Sanchez and John Rivera. Hal Katz was the psuedo-coach of the Sharpshooters with Rafe Montiero, Jordan Katz, and Bryce Lorenz.

Our first match started quickly with both teams scoring on their first two possessions. It looked like a race to twelve. Only one team made it….ours 12-2. We produced a solid showcase of patient possession and lightning counter attacks. Our second game figured to be difficult against a talented South Florida team. We won 9-1. It was a two game tour de force.

The Osceola Lions won both games as well 7-1 and 12-1. The Sharpshooters were not so lucky. They won the opener 12-3, but fell 6-3 in their second game. All the games were played in a two hour window, so grilling and team hijinx were minimal. It was a very business-like opening day.

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