The long (and slightly anticipated) return of Little Wolverine.


A lot has happened since my last post. There’s been plenty of soccer updates and a few sprinkles of American Football posts by The Arrogant One lately, but it’s time to start talking basketball again. This past off season and summer has been one I’ll never forget, and if the fan(s) will allow me, I’d like to share these past few months with you.

Some of our readers may already know but Mrcharm recently became the JV basketball coach at Hagerty High School. It was a great opportunity for him and even though the Winter Springs basketball family is sad to see him go, we’re all incredible proud and happy for him.

But his departure left our program in need of a freshman basketball coach and a new varsity assistant. Well I am happy to announce that I have accepted the position and am the new Freshman basketball coach at Winter Springs High School. I owe a lot to Mrcharm, for allowing me to work with him last year as a volunteer assistant, and to the program for accepting me and giving me a chance to have a voice of my own.

As we approach the last two months before our season begins (November 19th) I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on how I got to Winter Springs and what the future entails. I’ve been working in sports television for the past five years, and have helped broadcast UCF and USF football and basketball games. As well as over 300 high school sporting events ranging from Cheerleading to FHSAA basketball finals. But when my dream of becoming a high school coach presented itself this summer, I was left with a very difficult decision. My job in television wouldn’t allow me the proper amount of time it takes to be a dedicated coach. So…I quit. I said goodbye to my television family after five years and now say hello to my new family.

And Family is exactly what we are and what we should strive for as a basketball program.

I recently spent some time at the home of one of our Seniors and enjoyed catching up with him and his parents.

Why is the Freshman coach talking with a Senior you ask?

Well I’ve been lucky enough to know this family for quite sometime. My very first year of coaching was over four years ago as a volunteer coach in a local youth basketball league. I had a mixed team of athletes and kids that struggled to walk and chew gum. One of those players was a mediocre sized guard with the athleticism of a man with old knees. We ran a simple offense, as not to confuse the players, with basic pick n’ rolls and dribble hand offs. But the offense gave the kids a chance to be creative and try to make plays. It was here where this guard made his biggest impact. His ability to dribble the ball, relative to the rest of the team, and get to the basket and finish made him an obvious pick as my point guard and my best player. We finished that season 8-3, winning the regular season trophy and losing in the tournament championship by only a few points. But if somebody would have asked me if I thought my point guard would ever play at the varsity level I probably would have laughed.

But my recent visit to his house was about more than rehashing old times, we were discussing the possibility of him playing basketball in college!

I drove home that night incredibly proud of how he has grown up and the player that he has become. But I think I was more impressed with his family and the love and support I received as his former coach and continuing mentor. I couldn’t help but feel like we were part of a family. A family of other families. All supporting a basketball program and the development of its’ young players. It’s this support system that allows a program to succeed and to grow. And it’s the relationships you build and friendships you make that will stick with you for the rest of your life. The time spent fighting and bleeding and sweating creates a brotherhood that can’t be broken. It’s a special feeling that not many people ever get to experience. And it’s the reason I became a coach. So here is to my new family of 2012-2013!

One thought on “The long (and slightly anticipated) return of Little Wolverine.

  1. On behalf of the Winter Springs Basketball and FBGM Coaches Families, we are glad you are back!. Try not to take such a long break next time.

    On second note, over the last year and a half I have watched that senior develop and I would point out a few qualities worth-noting. First, he rarely misses a chance to get in the gym and shoot or play. You don’t get better on the couch or at the beach. Second, our varsity went through some bad times last year, and i have never been around a player that maintained such a positive attitude in the face of defeat, in terms of his own effort level and interactions with teammates. The same of course can’t be said for me, as I have a tendency to lapse into a homicidal coma as the loss tally builds.

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