Busted Feet and Broken Dreams

Our pre-season conditioning program took us to the track yesterday for the mile run. Our varsity guys ran in heat one, and senior captain Graham Sweeney held off a late challenge from Nick Quintana for the win.

Heat two was far more compelling for several reasons. First, Jake Wolber ran down Jacob Tague on the final lap for the win, and second for the contributions of Argenis (Zola Budd) Santiago. Argenis against the advice of everyone at the track decided to run barefoot.

Inspired to silence his haters, Argenis ran a blistering warm up lap beating everyone to the line before heat one. In Heat two, he put in a game effort finishing fifth in sub six minute time relieving himself of having to run again next week. Post-race he began fiddling with his feet, and was heard saying, “I got a blister, but it doesn’t even hurt.”

I reported for open gym today, and noticed Argenis was a no show. I asked his twin brother Jesus where he was, and elicited the cryptic response, “he got injured.” For a moment, I was fooled into thinking he had suffered a mystery injury at home, but was informed that his feet were so blistered from his barefoot mile that he was unable to play today.

The barefoot mile was an absurd showing of bravado from a player who remains on the fringe of making the team, and cost him an invaluable day, if not more of actually playing basketball.

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