The Captain

Since 1996, he has played short stop for the most glorious professional sports team in the United States. He has won World Series titles, dated super models, and played through the steroids era as yet unscathed. He has never been considered the best player in the league at his position, and even his talent as considerable as it is, is not the sort to drop jaws in awe.

It was famously and correctly opined by a scout while he was still in high school that he would be the cornerstone of a World Series Championship team. I suppose even then to the trained eye the signs were there. The poised delivery of himself to the cause of winning on a daily basis. The diversity of talent, and ability to sense and rise to the moment when it appeared.

He is the author of my favorite baseball play ever, the shuffled cut off play against the A’s in a play-off game, and though I haven’t watched a baseball game in several years, I still check the box score to see what he did. I won’t check tomorrow, the day after or for the rest of the play-offs because Derek Jeter, Yankee Captain, fractured his ankle last night making a play in extra innings, and won’t be playing.

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