Is Our Word Our Bond?

I read a blog post yesterday on Kentucky coach John Calipari that talked about his propensity to ask players what their value is, what do they do to help the team win? I text my Winter Springs players this question, and here are the responses:

– I will crash the boards hard, play good defense, put back every missed shot, play a physical aggressive game and score every chance I get.

-Keep a positive attitude, working together and being prepared.

-I will help the team by getting the rebounds and putbacks. I know I still have to improve, but I’ve come a long way from last year and I think this year I will be better.

-Score points, get steals and run the team.

– Defense, being able to study players and know what their strengths are on offense. Learning their patterns and weaknesses. Being able to come off the bench and make it hard to score. Learning from how teams play and their personalities. Energy and intensity, coming on the floor with positive energy and rub off on everyone else. The ability to run the floor on offense and get back on defense. Being able to run with other guards on the fast break and convert lay ups.

-Do whatever I need to do to win that particular game. There is always room of improvement and a lot if it, but I am confident if the ball is in my hands I can make whatever needs to happen happen.

-Play smart, always play hard and put forth my best effort no matter what. Be a leader on and off the court.

-Being a leader and communicating.

-I pass, make my lay ups, play good smart basketball and keep physical down low.

-I’ll play good defense, won’t turn the ball over, rebound and make key plays.

-My leadership and basketball IQ

-I will get blocks, rebounds, and I will play good defense.

-I hustle every single play.

These are our words. My hope is that over the course of the next three months they become our actions, our bond to each other, and a standard of our play.

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