Top Ten Basketball Movies: # 10

We are only a few days away from the start of our Basketball season! And to help kick things off I will be counting down the top 10 basketball movies over the next 10 days. This list is solely my opinion and I respect the fact that other fans of these movies may have a different order. Nevertheless these are still great movies about Basketball!

Starting off at #10: Glory Road (2006)20121019-072701.jpg

This was Disney’s attempt at making a Remember the Titans type movie only this time about basketball. The movie is based on the true story of Hall of Fame Coach Don Haskins as he tries to build a successful basketball program at Texas Western (Now called UTEP) in 1965. Coach Haskins struggles to attract top tier recruits that have their eyes set on more established programs like Kansas and Kentucky. So instead of following tradition, he starts to target lesser recruited inner city athletes. These black players were just as athletic as the nations top players but racial tensions in the NCAA made it unacceptable to have more then one black player on any basketball team. Coach Haskins entered the 1965-1966 season with 7 Black players and 5 White players. The movie does a good job of capturing the unusual recruiting process that took place but in pure Disney fashion made it seem too easy for Coach Haskins. The meat of this story follows the team as they try to play together in a segregated society and are constantly belittled and faced with adversity. When the team finally reaches the NCAA championship game, Coach Haskins decides to make a statement and start all Black players, a first in NCAA Championship history. I won’t tell you how the movie ends but let’s just say the championship game against Kentucky wouldn’t make MrCharm very happy. Overall it’s a well done basketball movie and, as Disney loves to do, carries a strong message about race and facing adversity.

Glory Road Trailer

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Basketball Movies: # 10

  1. Fair warning if this list doesn’t culminate with Hoosiers at number one, you may go the way of the drunken Native American from Flags of our Fathers.

  2. For some reason the history revisionist have made this game out to be some great turning point in the Civil Rights movement. It was just another game! Two thumbs down for this piece of crap movie. Can’t believe HOOSIERS not #1. What do you have against Shooter?

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