Pearl’s of Wisdom

NOT this Pearl…

This will not be my most impressive post by any means, and I confess a degree os self-service in that what I offer below are peals of wisdom from coaching clinics assembled for your benefit, and the reduction in the pile of crap in my basketball pile. Without further ado:

Doc Rivers

Little things in sets are very important.

Players have to buy in, and believe in what you do. This requires three things: 1) Belief in you and your system, 2) Belief in themselves and 3) Belief in the cause. You must remind the team of the cause every game.

Roles need to be defined and sold to the player. The role is important, and the player can be a star in that role. The sacrifice of the role is an investment in the team. Without that you can’t win a championship.

Build relationships with your plaers and develop a partnership.

Jay Bilas

Toughness Article.

Fast to the screen, slow to accept.

Butt down, hands high.

Discipline is doing the right thing at the right time to the best of your ability.

The best players learn it all, not know it all.

You can’t get to the top of a ladder in one step, but you can get to the bottom in one step.

Tim Grgurich

Players like coaches who sweat with them.

Rick Pitino

Play the ball, see your man.

Find no challenged shots that aren’t rushed.

Bob Knight

Basketball is a game of deception and misdirection. This is created with feet, eyes and pace.

Tim Izzo

Rebounding mantra Hit, Find, Fetch. Range 2 handed rebounders with relentless pursuit of the ball.

Brad Stevens

The ability to listen is the key to talking.

Coach K

Next play…physically, mentally and emotionally.


When in doubt spread out.

There is a direct correlation between ball reversals and defensive breakdowns.

Soft players will get you beat.

Create an environment in program where players are addicted to workouts.

Mike Dunlap

Attack first, then contain and contest.

Contesting shots reduces field goal percentage by 16-18%.

Sideline pin denies reversal, let’s defense load a side.


Competitive scrimmage requires stop-score-stop sequence to score a point.

Be there on the catch.

Kevin Eastman

Play the game low to high. Understand the importance of your feet and the advantage to be gained there. All fakes tight and violent. Quicker ball..pound the dribble.

Perfect feet, perfect form. Feet make jump shots, eyes make lay ups.

Randy Brown

30 Minute Practice Test. What are your big 3, and could an observer know that from watching your practice for 30 minutes?

Tom Davis

Pressing is mindest, attacking mentality.

Keys to Press
1) Don’t foul
2) Allow the opponent to give you the ball.
3) Control good ballhandlers
4) Active traps, hands up, don’t jump
5) Intercept position
6) One trap and done. Get back.

Control before attack. Keep the ball out of the middle.

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