Top Ten Basketball Movies: #8

We are only a few days away from the start of our Basketball season! And to help kick things off I will be counting down the top 10 basketball movies over the next 10 days. This list is solely my opinion and I respect the fact that other fans of these movies may have a different order. Nevertheless these are still great movies about Basketball!

#8: Finding Forrester


This movie may come as a surprise because it isn’t remembered as a basketball movie. To be fair the ratio of drama to basketball is probably 70/30, but the basketball is a major story element.

The movie follows a young boy from the Bronx (Jamal Wallace played by Rob Brown) who is a promising basketball player and a secret writer. He keeps his love of reading and writing from his friends so he can fit in with everyone from the streets. But after he excels on a series of tests his secret is exposed and begins to garner interest from private schools. It’s during this period of his life that he meets a strange old man (William Forrester played by Sean Connery) that shows interest in his writing. Jamal becomes the apprentice to William Forrester as he teaches him how to expand and control his writing. But Jamal’s teachers begin to question the validity of his work since he’s just a basketball player from the Bronx. On paper the film sounds uninteresting but the pace of the movie and the characters involved do a good job of keeping your interest. The basketball elements in this movie are vital to the story, especially near the end. This was Rob Brown’s first movie and is actually a decent basketball player in real life, so his basketball scenes are believable and accurate. Overall this is a well crafted and satisfying basketball movie.
Finding Forrester Trailer

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