Support Randall

Just after Bryson joined FC America in June, I had a dilemma, ODP training camp and Rollins Team Camp conflicted. I knew one of Bryson’s new teammates, Randall Congreaves would be at the ODP training camp, and I asked his father Rodney if you could keep Bryson while I coached at Rollins. Though we had only met the preceding weekend, there was no hesitation, Rodney said we’re family now, and my conflict was resolved.

Rodney is a passionate man, and Randall a terrific young soccer player. For the last two weeks, they have lived at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Randall is suffering with Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a serious illness (google for more information).

I am told Randall is making progress and I am praying that continues. I know that this is a good family going through a very tough time. FC America has set up a website to support Randall ( Please visit the site, offer supportive words or even a donation to defray the medical and living expenses uncovered by insurance.

Get Well Soon Ran!

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