Alabama Crimson Tide

Without further ado, a running diary of the Alabama Crimson Tide in Death Valley under the lights.

8:08pm CBS goes to commercial with a collection of images over Les Miles voice saying that Death Valley is where dreams come to die.

8:12 Nick Saban stares into the camera and says, “The real honor in being a competitor is delivering your best when it’s needed most.”

For the next hour, I tried my best to keep a running diary of the game that would offer insightful analysis and clever observations, but I failed. In three seconds, Saban told us everything we ever needed to know about this game.

LSU moved the ball consistently in the early part of the game and took a 3-0 lead. Alabama, proud defending Champion, took control of the game in the second quarter and led 14-3 at the half.

LSU scored twice in the second half to lead 17-14. There were several moments when LSU could have put the game out of reach, and just as many when Alabama could have responded. Alabama took the ball with less than two minutes to play, and when they most needed to deliver their best, they drove down the field and scored the winning touchdown with :51 left.

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, who at the start of the game was talked of as a Heisman candidate, but who on the whole played poorly, wept into a towel on the bench at the sound of the final whistle. For it took something deep in his soul to deliver his best when it was needed most.

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