Statement of Intent

About a week ago, the Miami Heat played the Knicks in the first game in New York after Superstorm Sandy.  The Heat expressed concerns about whether it was appropriate playing that night, the Knicks rode a wave of emotion, shot lights out and beat the Heat by 20.  I have high hopes for the Heat this season, but on that night they missed an opportunity to make a statement of intent.  You may still favor the Heat to win the NBA title this year, but had they gone to New York on that night in that emotional cauldron and beat them by 20, you and every other NBA fan would fear them.

I do not want you to fear me or this blog, but I am making a statement of intent all the same.  My name is Brian Pink.  Until last Monday, I coached basketball at Winter Springs High School and wrote a blog with some friends at  I was fired for writing the blog as it was apparently deemed in appropriate to refer to the players I coached by name and some of the content was believed to be questionable.  I removed the blog so that my writing partners would not be fired or disciplined. is a new project, but will maintain the same concept.  Fortunately, I have been able to transfer my FBGM content on to the new blog.  I will post about sports professional, college, high school and youth.  At times, I will be funny, analytical, sentimental, insightful and on rare occaision quite profound.  I cannot promise you that I will not offend, but it is certainly not my intent.  My intent is to share my thoughts and to entertain.  Fortunately, I have been able to transfer my FBGM content on to the new blog.

I have lined up a few friends that will be writing with me, Juan Bernal and KTA are already on board, and I am interested in more contributors.

2 thoughts on “Statement of Intent

  1. Don’t forget about some Division 2 programs in these blogs! You know as well as anyone that there is good basketball in Division 2.

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