RIP Kenny Williamson

I did not know Kenny Williamson well, and that might be the best way to know a person. I saw and felt the essence of the man untarnished by the frailties and shortcomings that burden all of us.

Our paths crossed in 1992 when Kenny was an assistant for Pat Kennedy and I was an intern in the Sports Information Office at Florida State. The closest thing I had to a conversation with him occurred in the bleachers at a Florida A and M-Howard basketball game. We talked hoops and the mafia, topics that resonated deeply with me then, and now. He was at the game with his daughter, and had no reason to talk to me, but it was natural, almost irresistible for him to make conversation dispelling wisdom and humor in equally.

By giving words, time and laughter so readily, his personality had a gravity that pulled people to him. I have reflected frequently on that quality and in some measure have attempted to make it my own.

Rest in Peace Eggman

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