As recounted in my previous post, I attended the Winter Springs/Lake Brantley triple-header on Monday night.  Among the many things missed was half-time.  It is a critical point in the game where the coach can have significant influence on the action that will follow.

A good half-time must be topical and in the moment.  You can address mistakes of the past, but shouldn’t belabor them as they can’t be changed, but can be corrected.  If you vent, you must follow with a solution either tactical or attitude.  Tactical adjustments must be clear, and focused to two or three things so as not to clutter the mind of your team.  It is the responsibility of the coach to make adjustments to aspects of the game that are effecting the outcome, not peripheral components requiring more in depth work.

Finally, there must be a contextual, emotional component that provides the big picture narrative for the second half. This can draw on a call for manhood, a plea to competitive instinct, a redefinition of circumstance, or an objective challenge.

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