Disney Showcase

The first time I met Coach Alan Hough, I was impressed.  He came across as competent and confident.  If I remembered nothing else from his opening speach, it was that we would win the Disney Showcase.  I should have thought instead of Bryson’s prior coach Ivo, who similarly guaranteed passage into the second round of Region’s Cup.   For as I close the day, neither has come to fruition.

We won one, lost one, and tied one.  Mathematically eliminated before we playes our final group game.  The error is not in the intent for if a coach or team doesn’t see for itself victory, it shall never come to pass.  The error is in the prematurity of the declaration.  In both instances, it was made before practice began, or games were played.

It is in this experience that the nature and capability of the group is revealed.  It can be safely said that our FC America team is talented, but the Showcase field was full of talent.  Our method of play is as yet an unresolved work in progress, roles fluid and undefined, stylistically we are monolithically direct.  We will not approach our potential mired in this quag.

We were nonetheless gloriously close.  A left-footed shot taken from six yards out just six inches lower and we would be playing tomorrow.  Games of this quality are determined by these narrow margins.  We are 2-3-1 in our last two tournament s with three of the four adverse results so by the difference of a single goal.  There is an art and a craft, we haven’t learned, to winning these games that is part gritty engineering and equal part religious belief.

When, not if, we reach this realization, we might fairly dertermine our future results.

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