Sharing Insight From Kevin Eastman

It’s important in the process of learning not to get in our own way by thinking we know how or believe there is only one way of doing it. but rather we must strive to be open to trying a different way and learning. It is the only route to development, and it’s only potential impediment is our own mind.

Boston Celtic assistant Kevin Eastman had a great post called “The Beginners” that I have shared below speaking to this point.

There are many coaches who have veteran teams, which of course has some advantages. But when we have a team like this we always want to make sure they have the mindset of a beginner. We want them to be like beginners when we’re teaching them in practice, coaching them in a game, or talking in a team meeting. But we want them to rely on their experience and know when that’s needed as well. The reason this is important is that we have found that beginners are open; experts are closed. Experts are closed to new ideas, closed to new ways, closed to a different concept, generally closed from everything except what they’re already comfortable with or want to keep doing.

Beginners are always open to new ideas, new ways to do things, new ways to improve. Where this comes into play is when we are teaching and coaching our players. We want them to trust that we have spent countless hours and years perfecting our way of doing things and that they are the best ways for our team that year. The players and teams that never reach success are the ones that challenge, oppose, or distrust everything their coaches put out there for them.

So if we have our choice, we want the beginner’s mindset. We want our players’ minds to be open and ready to absorb and execute what we have thoroughly thought through and believe to be the best for our team that year!

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