3 in 3

There is a process to improvement, and like any process there is a logic to it.  That logic does not seem to be appreciated by those responsible for scheduling basketball games in the Seminole Athletic Conference.  Both Hagerty and Winter Springs played three games in three nights this week….to there detriment.

Hagerty started the week with a win over Lyman and lost to Brantley.  On the third night, a visibly fatigued Husky team got whipped by Winter Springs, a team they had beaten twice this summer in close games.

Winter Springs beat Lake Mary and the aforementioned Hagerty, but tonight lost to Oviedo by six.  Poor rebounding and subpar transition defense figures prominently in the loss.  These are effort categories and suffering in them is indicative of a tired team.

There is a component of athletic competition that demands the ignorance of potential excuses in favor testosterone-fueled heroics, but there is also a component of growth and development that demands with equal fervor the ability to play a game, recognize mistakes, practice to improve them….and then play another game to measure that improvement.  The balance of these components should be weighted in favor of growth amd improvement at the JV level.

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