The Kobe 30

The Lakers are 1-8 this season when Kobe scores thirty.  This seems counter-intuitive as he is their best player and one of the top five scorers in league history, and can score thirty points in a game at will, but this view does not consider the psychological phenomenon that is Kobe Bryant.

Kobe is an obsessive, compulsive maniac.  He wants to match and then exceed Jordan’s six rings, and on some level recognizes the need for and role of teammates in this pursuit.  In this regard, he draws on past championship experiences, and I am sure approaches each game with a vision of Kobe-inspired team basketball implanted in his head whereby he spends the early portion of the game getting teammates involved whilst sporadically checking his own temperature building toward a fourth quarter crescendo of Kobe Time.  This puts him at over twenty points and exclusive owner of all the big moments.

The thirty point nights are really a psychological reaction to the Lakers losing the plot of Kobe-inspired team ball.  Frustration mounts, Kobe loses patience and Kobe Time is pushed up and runs longer than anticipated while discarded teammates wilt under his dismissive glare or stand idling while hero shots are taken from all parts of the floor.

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