Lasting Impressions

“You tell me the day I’m not the most organized, enthusiastic guy on the floor.  If I’m not that guy then that will be the day we end practice early.  The next day I’ll quit.”  – Rick Majerus

I came upon this quote the other day.  Today I took my old secretary, Becky Ventura, to lunch.  While we were eating, I ran into the father of a player I coached at least six years ago for two soccer seasons.  He was an aggressive, but not particularly skilled player and I put him in goal.  He took to the position, and now starts for his high school jv team as a freshman with designs on playing in college.

His father said that he and his son still talk about playing for me.  I was the “gold standard” for coaching and they haven’t matched the experience yet.  As the arrogantone this was all very pleasing, but what I was most proud of was when he explained that while I yelled and got upset a lot, it came from a positive place.  I wanted the players to do better and believed they could.

I have always loved sports and found it natural to put everything I have into coaching a practice or a game.  There is an honesty to coaching this way that over time earns a respect and appreciation from the players you serve that is gratifying beyond measure at the  unlikliest of times and places.

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