Rotten at the Core of Real Madrid

We are too deep into this season and the results too poor in all competitions to escape the conclusion that there is something rotten at the core of Real Madrid.  Last season’s La Liga title secured in spirit more than fact with a late season away win at Barca was to transfer the epicenter of footballing power to Madrid.  The offseason saw few changes beyond the additions of Modric and Essien, which suggested the core of this group to be physically and mentally strong.  It has not been so.

Real Madrid are 16 points behind Barca in La Liga, unconvincing in Champion’s League play and face Manchester United in the first round of knock-out play and must over turn a result to stay alive in the Copa Del Rey.  The have played very little football at a level approaching master class and more distressingly have shown little or no ability to grind out results.

The tools and talent are plainly evident, but a team’s core is not and that is where the problem lies.  It is that sense of togetherness directed to a common purpose and bound by a well of trust.  Trust in each other as players for the work put in and competitive gamesmanship.  Trust in the staff that no stone is left unturned to motivate amd prepare the team for the rigors of it’s journey.  In this the sum becomes greater than the parts even where the parts are great themselves.

From this precarious point, Real Madrid can explode itself with a new coach and new players in this transfer window or they can look in the mirror finding the individual fault within themselves, and then into each other’s eyes seeking the trust to reverse their fortunes.  It is theirs to do and a shame if they don’t.

2 thoughts on “Rotten at the Core of Real Madrid

  1. I wonder if Mourinho’s even interested in managing Real anymore. It seems like a copy of his last days at Chelsea, when he cut a bored and satisfied figure, having proven his point to Sir Alex. Now that Guardiola has left Barca, he no longer has any points to prove or rivals to wind up.

  2. I agree with the similarities. He may resemble Patton in reapect to being a man made for war time, but insufferable in relative peace. It’s clear there is just no positive momentum in play and I am frustrated beyond measure.

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