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Friday morning MagicJuan made an appearance on David Baumann’s sports talk radio show on AM 1080.  Here is an expanded look at his thoughts on the NBA’s trade deadline.

Ok, here you go.  You have buyers, vendors and teams that can go either way.

Either way – Atlanta declared themselves contenders two weeks ago and then lost four in a row dropping to 20-14.  Josh Smith will be a free agent and will likely leave his hometown team, and the only team he has played for since high school. It’s clear the Hawks initiative is to create space for free agency this summer for CP3 and Dwight Howard, or even Lebron in 2014.  Let’s see how this pans out.  They have the potential to be a top 3 team in the East, but if that doesn’t seem likely by the trade deadline, they could move Smith or possibly Horford.

Milwaukee just fired Scott Skiles sit eigth in the East and are enjoying a two game win streak under interim coach Boylan.  Brandon Jennings and Monte Ellis can both become free agents and the Bucks need to listen if anything of value is offered.  They could also be enticed by any opportunity to dump Ersan Ilyiosova’s contract.  If they get on a roll in the East they may ride out the season.

Buyers –

Brooklyn is in a win now mentality evidenced by firing Avery Johnson and are intent to move up from their sixth place spot.  PJ Carlisimo has spoken of not disrupting chemistry, but it’s difficult to not see Billy King jump if their is a big fish to be had.  Marshon Brooks, Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace are the most likely bait.

Boston is not simply bored.  Pierce and KG are a year older, and Rondo cannpt do it all by himself.  Look for them to add a big and/or a wing.  Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger, Brandon Bass and a future lottery pick seem to be the most logical assets on the block.

Portland can go either way at 19-15 they are ahead of expectations, and Lillard and Aldridge have been sensational.  They have survived injuries to Batum, Mathews amd endured a young, inconsistent bench.  If they are inclined to make a push this season, look for them to add a veteran or two to stabilize the bench.  They have some young asseta to make the move in Victor Claver, Meyers Leonard, JJ Hickson and Will Barton.


Memphis is a surprise as they are top 4 in the West, but the new ownership group has said they are not interested in paying the luxury tax.  Look for the crime rate to go up in the vicinity of the Fed Ex Center if Z-Bo is moved.  Rudy Gay is likely gone as he as been connected to Denver, Golden St. and Boston recently.

Dallas is 13-22 and going no where.  Time for an overhaul and they have a ton of veterans with relatively low risk contracts:  OJ Mayo (scorer), Vince Carter (three point shooter), Chris Kaman (inside scorer), Shawn Marion (perimeter defender) and Darren Collison (point guard in last year of rookie contract).  Each of these players could help a contending team in some capacity.

Minnesota is 16-16 and without a plan.  Kevin Love is out 8-10 weeks with a broken hand and diagruntled.  Ricky Rubio has been slow to recover, and their are several players with movable contracts:  JJ Barea ( 3 years at $15m), Derrick Williams in Adelman’s doghouse, Stiesma and a rejuvenated Andrei Kirilenko (16.5 points and 8.5 rebounds per game) can all help a legitimate contending team.

Orlando is deeply in rebuilding mode and have some interesting young players.  They need more help and pieces to build around, and I would rate everyone after Affalo and Vucecic as movable.

Other names that could move include:

Amare Stoudamire – Knicks
Marcin Gortat -Phoenix
Eric Gordon – New Orleans
Pau Gasol – Los Angeles
Nene – Washington
Anderson Varejoa – Cleveland
Rodney Stuckey -Detroit
Andrea Barngiani – Toronto
Ramon Sessions -Charlotte
BJ Mullens – Charlotte
Evan Turner – Philly

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