Kevin Eastman on “The Best”

No pretense here. I am simply sharing the thoughts of Kevin Eastman. Kevin Eastman is a Boston Celtic’s assistant coach and something of a guru on coaching. He operates a website and is a founder and contributor to Coaching U Live. I strongly recommend his work.

“The Best”

1. Outwork others.

2. More disciplined than others

3. Greater drive than others

4. So much more competitive than others

5. Do things others think isn’t important

6. Do unrequired extra work

7. Always want to know what they can do to get better

8. Want to be coached; want to be driven; want to learn more

As I typed this, it struck me that the first five are all in comparison to what other’s do or more specifically don’t do. The final three are almost above that….having gone past what other’s will or won’t do to the place where you push yourself not to beat others, but to get to a level of skill that is at the upper limit of possibility.

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