Fatal shooting at the house of Oscar Pistorious. That was more or less the first thing I read on this story. Damn…that’s odd was my initial reaction. I follow Pistorius on instagram. He apparently travels a lot so next thought was he probably wasn’t there and might have had some friends or family members watching his place, things got crazy, a bad couple of minutes and we have a dead body.

News story followed that two people were in the house, the deceased and a 26 year old male, who the reported could not name, but went on to add that Pistorious is 26. Done deal. It’s him. He killed her. Amazing. The feel good story of London 2012 just fell into hell.

Another story spoke of the high crime rate in South Africa. Weapons are common place, and he may have killed her incidentally believing her to be an intruder. Well, maybe…..tragic, but not without explanation or possibly redemption.

Pistorious is charged with murder.

I went back to his instragram to see if it was still active. It was with several new comments. The existing comments on his array of personal photos ran along the lines of “your awesome,” “handsome,””cute,” “hero”, and “inspirational”. They were now followed by fresh comments of “murder”, “piece of shit” and the like. I found most interesting a link to a blog post written about Pistorious. The writer encounter him at Kings of Leon concert. Pistorious was five sheets to the wind, rude, profane and abusive at one point pushing the writer and her friend while calling them lesbians (apparently a false claim).

There is a fundemental insecurity that drives the need to dominate, to be great and to win. Pistorious was and will never be great in the sense of World Records and Gold Medals, but for him to have competed with his handicap in the Olympics was driven by such a fundamental insecurity. The moments when his appearance at a meet would draw odd glances, muttered comments, indignation on occaision that he would win or show well, and the rejection he faced to compete on level terms was not an ordinary or comforting journey. It was fueled by insecurity, harbored resentment and channeled it into competitive fury. A fury apparently not easily contained to the striped lanes of a track.

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