The Passion of the Indefatigable Brad Stevens

“Guys that are passionate about basketball never wear down. The wear down thing is for the guy that doesn’t really love it.” – Brad Stevens

This was the first tweet of the day to resonate with me. I love basketball and I have never been worn down by it. It’s quite the opposite. When so many other aspects of life have worn me down, I find energy and spiritual resolve in basketball whether I am shooting by myself, playing, coaching or just watching a game. I have lost tough games, been frustrated by underachieving teams, difficult players and other circumstances. This past season I was fired (wrongfully) was not able to coach a team I had so much promise for. It was and has been a crushing experience, but never at any point did my love of basketball diminish or fade.

I talked to coaches who have quit because of burn out, and others that talk incessantly of wanting to do something else. Go! Get the hell out! You are doing yourself and your team a disservice. You do not have the passion for it, and you will never be great or inspire greatness without passion.

We are not blessed with unlimited passion for all things, but must find that thing that taps the vein of our passion and let it pour into that endeavor all we have in us. It will not wear us down, but replenish us.

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