Dan Abrahams Mental Toughness Workshop June 5, 2013 in Orlando

Dan Abrahams is a sports psychologist and author, who will be doing a one day workshop in Orlando June 5, 2013.  Dan works as a consultant with Queens Park Rangers in the EPL, and has among his clients a number of professional football players throughout the UK and Europe.  Last year, he wrote his first book “Soccer Tough” which explained what he does as a sports psychologist and how he uses his knowledge to help athletes and coaches with techniques, or “tekkers” to train the brain to perform optimally.  Dan can also be followed on twitter @danabrahams77, where you can find insightful, practical “tekker” tweets.

I have followed Dan on twitter for a few years now, and through that connection developed a correspondence and relationship that has brought about this workshop.  I have come to believe thoroughly in the work of Dan Abrahams and it’s applicability to all sports, athletes and coaches alike.

As athletes move up the pyramid of competition, the difference in technique and physical talent gets smaller, and mental toughness becomes the margin between making it to the college or professional ranks, and tapping out.  Too often, mental toughness is presumed to be something that athletes are born with, and not something that can be improved upon.  Dan Abrahams gives you an understanding of how your brain works, and practical techniques to influence your brain to productive, positive thinking. 

In my experience, coaches remain largely naive as to training the minds of their athletes.  Coaches become fixated on physical development, technical training and tactics, but coaching at it’s best is about relationships, building trust and believe in those you work with.  Dan Abrahams will give you the knowledge and tools to recognize brain work behind what behaviors your players are displaying to you, and techniques to reach them and bring about substantive improvement.

Opportunity is knocking.  Answer by signing up through this link today.



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