It’s now 11pm and I am waiting for roadside assistance to fix a left rear flat on the campus of Florida Southern. It has been, to say the least, a full day. I woke up early, walked to the gym, and was on my way home when my son, Camden, passed me on his way to a paintball party. A moment later, he was stopped beside in front of oncoming traffic trying to tell me something. I motioned him to the park, and jogged to catch up. He reported the paintball party was on the other side of town, and I had to drive him. I took the wheel and thirty minutes later, I was asking an ostensibly homeless man if he could direct me to Paintball World. Though he was of little assistance, I found the place and dropped Camden off. I raced back to the house, and picked up my daughter, Holland, for a cheer competition. After dropping her off, I returned to Paintball World from whence Camden had earlier text “paintball is some scary shit.” After watching a game, I was offered a gun and a mask. Game on….for a minute as I was unceremoniously hit in the left pinky finger and left the battlefield as the first casualty. In the second game, I lasted an additional sixty seconds before falling to a wrist wound. I picked Bryson up for a 4:30 soccer match. FC America won comfortably 2-0. Bryson played well completing 47/51 passes on the day. As the final whistle blew, I was off to the FGB Showcase at Florida Southern to work for my friend, Kenny Kallina. I arrived with the idea that I might work the front gate or possibly the clock during a few games. Kenny’s FGB girls lost there opening game, and I would now be on the bench as third assistant with great expectations. I have never coached girls basketball, and have on not so rare occasion called for it’s abolishment. In the thirty minutes prior to tip off, Kenny offered his girls pizza, instructed them to stretch, introduced his staff, myself included by twitter names (strongly recommending a follow) and opened his pregame remarks with a deceptively serious discussion of where the team would like to eat later that night. He then told his team, he has a rule of not speaking for over five minutes at any time during the season. Six and a half minutes later, he gave the floor to coach John McGraw to diagram the team’s only offensive set. Duly prepared, we raced to an 11-2 lead and would win by eleven. The game was notable for the following: a random delivery of 100 chicken nuggets, 20 double cheeseburgers and 20 mcchicken sandwiches to our bench, a period where Kenny sat on the bench and let John coach because he was “tired”, John leaving the bench several times for reasons that remain unknown, Kenny leaving the bench to eject a parent watching another game, and me making a critical five for five substitution with 2:45 to play. It was my first win of the in nine months and first win as a girls coach. I walked out to my car and found the left rear tire flat. Karma!

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