An Unpretentious NBA Playoff Preview

I had no intention of writing this post, but about thirty minutes ago it started raining and foiled my soccer training plans for Bryson.  It may also be one of the worst television nights of the year so here are my thoughts on the first round of the NBA playoffs.


Miami in 4.  The Heat are the best team in basketball in part because they will take this series seriously and dispense with an overmatched foe as expeditiously as possible.  The Bucks are an erratic team sans meaningful playoff experience, and can only hope to get absurdly hot from behind the arc to steal a game.

New York/Boston

Selfishly, I hope the tragic events in Boston inspire a new chapter in Celtic Pride, and this amalgamation of aging warriors and unproven spare parts bounce the annoying Knicks from the playoffs.  The Knicks are annoying because for several years they have remained pseudo-relavent for their ineptitude making it difficult to accept them as the contender they have become.  I continue to believe Carmelo Anthony is a turd, albeit a high scoring turd, and even the presence of one of my all time favorite players, Jason Kidd can’t elevate this group to likability.  Despite my hopes, I see the Knicks slopping their way to a 4-3 win.


Pacers 4-2.  The Pacers are expert practitioners of smashmouth basketball, and this alone assures they will beat the non-descript Hawks.  This series turns almost entirely on the value of having a philosophy from which grows an identity.  Pacera have one, Hawks don’t.


I am not sure what series will be played.  If the series includes Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose, Bulls win 4-2.  If only Noah or Rose, Bulls win 4-3.  If neither, the Nets win 4-2.  I suppose it is good to see the return of Deron Williams, but I can’t get over the fact that his disappearance or hibernation as it were was self-imposed which makes me wish a groin pull upon him. 


OKC 4-2.  The obvious story line is James Harden, now a fully-minted superstar, against his old mates, and anyone old enough to be familiar with name Willie Burton, knows the perils at hand.  The bigger story is whether OKC, has the maturity to crush a team that will play a similar style of basketball with inferior talent and experience.  It should be the most entertaining series of the first round.

San Antonio/LA

The Spurs are struggling, and the Lakers were on a tear, and now at least on some sort of Ewing Theory/emotional journey of redemption.  Enhancing the drama is the sneaky fact the Spurs have quietly sucked against the Lakers.  I don’t have a strong sense of this series beyond the fact it should last a while.  Spurs in 7.

Denver/Golden State

A combination of high altitude and late tip offs will mean I don’t watch much of this series.  Both teams are entertaining and Steph Curry is likely to drop 50 in one of these, but neither is likely to reach the conference final so I don’t feel that bad.  In a mild upset, Golden State wins in 7.


This is an unfortunate series because I genuinely like both teams and will be disappointed to see one out of the play offs.  If only they could have played Denver and Golden State respectively, but life is not about fairness or even justice.  It is about Andy Dufruene slogging through a hundred yards of raw sewage on his hands and knees to get out of Shawshank whilst somehow maintaining a sense of dignity and an air of optimism.  Clippers in 7.

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