Past the Point of Underachievement

Every assembly of talent hoping to be a team is bestowed with a floor and a ceiling.  The floor is a threshold level of achievement, and the ceiling is a long shot of a faded team photo in the Hickory gym with the echoing voice of Coach Dale, “I love you guys.”

It’s been 325 days or so since we assembled our talent at Disney for the Memorial Day weekend tournament.  It was at that time apparent we had the ability to be a very good team. We played our 70th game this morning, a 3-0 win over Weston in the Elite 8 of the State Cup.  We have won 43 of the 70, tied another 11, won 3 tournaments and 2 leagues, in making the final 4, we have reached our floor as one of the best team’s in the state. 

We play the Florida Cup in two weeks, and the Final Four a week later.  We will reach for our ceiling with “house” money, unburdened by any concern that we flopped, faded or imploded.  We have earned this opportunity, and we need to appreciate it.

Two players that started with us aren’t playing soccer anymore.  Another joined us along the way, and is a part of us.  In three weeks time, we will never exist like this again.  Change always comes, some times incremental and respectful of a core, others expansive and all-encompassing.  We will remember this time, but how?

3 thoughts on “Past the Point of Underachievement

    1. Thank you, and absolutely. Sometimes I wish our kids could have the perspective we have on opportunities such as this.

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