NBA Draft Thoughts

I am not interested in doing a mock draft when the order of selection is unknown, and I don’t want to put myself in the position of a GM with team needs.  This post is my thoughts on a number of players who will be drafted, and a prediction as it were on what they will become in the Association.

Nerlens Noel

Noel is a long, athletic shot blocker with a limited offensive game.  I believe Noel can be an elite defender as a shot blocker with the athleticism to blitz pick and rolls.  He should be an above average rebounder.  If he can, dive on pick and rolls and finish around the basket, he can be a top tier center in the mold of Tyson Chandler.

Trey Burke

A pure point guard with an above average shot.  He is a winner and leader.  I have some reservations about his ability to get in the lane and finish against NBA length.  I am equally concerned about his defense against the better guards in the league.  I believe he will be an adequate long term starter, but unlikely to play at an all star level.

Ben McLemore

Excellent athlete, scorer with two guard measurables.  His tendency to disappear for long stretches is disconcerting.  On the whole, he should benefit from a relatively weak era at the two guard position to be a reliable starter.

Otto Porter

Good size and a high skill level.  Much will depend on where he lands.  I think Porter is best served as a 4th or 5th starter on a good team, and miscast as a player asked to do more for a bad team. 

Victor Oladipo

One of my favorite players in the class.  He is raw offensively, but has the athletic ability and competitiveness to be a difference maker.  I see his offense and shooting improving over his career and rate him as the most likely player in the class to be an all star.

Shabazz Muhammad

Seems to take a lot of heat, but he is an NBA player for two reasons: body and scoring.  I believe he will be a long time productive starter in the league and a borderline all star.

Alex Len

A skilled big of uneven production.  There isn’t one skill that will define him as an NBA player, and I feel he will be destined to be a player like Zaza Pachulia or Marcin Gortat.

Michael Carter-Williams

The dreaded big point guard with reputed passing abilities.   These players never survive as point guards.  He will be a combo guard and defensive liability for the bulk of his decent career.

Anthony Bennett

NBA body and game.  If he can efficiently use the dribble he can be a George/Granger type player.  If not, Brandon Bass.

Glen Robinson III

Prototypical wing player with a decent shot and some game off the bounce.  He is not active enough for me to be special, but should stick around the league as a role player.

CJ McCollom

I like this player as a point guard.  He will be solid, but not elite.  Very good value from end of the lottery on.

Cody Zeller

Not a fan.  He is physically weak and lacks elite athleticism.  He is not a pure center, but doesn’t have shooting or ball handling to be a stretch 4.  He is a rotation big man of modest impact.

Jamaal Franklin

He is my sleeper pick to be a guy that would be a top five player if a redraft was done three years from now.  Good body, athleticism and skill combo with tough intelligence.

Gorgui Deng

Another late sleeper.  I thing Deng will be an excellent third big man with a nice balance of defense and underrated offense.

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