Our Super Start to Super Y

We are three games into our ten game Super Y season and have outscored our opponents on aggregate 16-1.  The one goal against came by way of a rather soft penalty that concluded Clay County’s only penetration into our box for the game earlier this afternoon.  Three of our remaining seven games will be against the same three teams we just undressed.  Truth be told, we are not even playing that well, our ball movement is frequently constipated and we have left four or five goals on the field in each game. 

The games are boring, uncompetitive and somehow completely necessary to our return to Super Y Nationals in December.  A return that will hinge on the results of the four other games that at least ostensibly promise to demand more from us than has thus far been required.  Our challenge is to defeat complacency and remain sharp for the battles that lie ahead.  To avoid the fate of Tokyo Mike Tyson and fulfill our promise as the Greatest Super Y Team Ever Assembled.

A Super Y Team is a collection of talent, and this is particularly true of our team.  We have twenty-six players from at least five different clubs.  The core of the team from FC America will be playing for Orlando City next year, but doing so on three different teams.  We have practiced once as a team, and may or may not do so again.  It is a strange and disconnected existence.

Soccer is a fluid game, a player’s game.  Our coach of last season would frequently bellow, “sort it out”, when things looked bleak.  There really wasn’t much more he could do as there are no plays to call, or defenses to change.  Just eleven guys trying to control and move a ball better than the other eleven guys.  Hours of touches, running and finding their way on a pitch linked by vision and trust. 

Our vision and trust are thus far untested, but how they respond to their test at the moment it occurs will define our season.

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